Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS


This is a platform where all our clients can purchase, schedule and send SMS, create contact groups and add contacts, apply for sender name/id as well as track SMS sent. Kindly visit https://sms.elytesol.com/ to view the platform. Register and activate the account to try out or utilize this resource.


This is a service for those who seek to send SMS via their own identity. This means that the recipients would receive SMS from your identity as the sender. Also note that a sender name is restricted to your company / business name and extra configuration is required for any client seeking to purchase a sender name. For this kindly contact

The requirements are the consent letter containing the name you need to use(we provide a sample) and the business/organization registration document.

Rate:  5800/= Per Telco (Safaricom/Airtel) while Telkom  3000 (all one off payment)

Registration periods is as follows;

  • Safaricom 3 workings days
  • Airtel and Telkom upto 10 working days.


Elytesol offers a flat rate price of Kes. 0.25 to all clients seeking to send bulk SMS, this means no packages govern the buying of SMS and the flat rate applies to all. You can buy as much as you need

One SMS comprises of 160 characters, or less, any above 160 is considered two SMS and continues to increase in the multiples of 160


This is a service meant for those who already have systems in place or are looking to have one and would like for their systems to autonomously send SMS to their different clients as per actions initiated by their system. A rate of 20000/= is applied for those who don’t have developers on their end to handle the integration which means Elytesol will handle the integration for them. This rate is not fixed and is subject to review depending on your system’s requirements.